Need help remembering a certain origami rose

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Need help remembering a certain origami rose

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A couple of years ago I learned how to make this really awesome rose, but it was reslly complex and I cant remember how do make it now, here is what I remember, perhaps one of you knows this one.

It has 0 cutting/glue. It is made out of 1 square paper, and the end product looks like 4 squares, is the middle corner of each square there are smaller squares, and so on(it depends on how many you can manage, I remember that getting more squares was very hard.

You started it by taking a square piece of paper, and folding it in half, then opening, then folding the other side then opening, then folding diagonally in half and opening, and the other side, you then foldes from the ends of the paper to the folds and opened, and a lot more of those until there is basically a massive grid of small squares and triangles on the paper. After working it for a while you could push in all corners to get the first prototype of the ready product, you would get basically 4 squares, and on the other side of the paper wouls be 1 square in the middle. I cannot remember how you created more squares from there, and am trying really hard to remember, any help would be appriciated
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Re: Need help remembering a certain origami rose

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Your description sounds like Shuzo Fujimotos Hydrangea to me: ... -hydrangea
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