Help identifying fold/model

Looking for a specific model? Here's the place to start.
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Help identifying fold/model

Post by srqgami »

Can someone help identify this fold/model? It looks similar to a windmill fold. How can I achieve this fold? Thank you!

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Re: Help identifying fold/model

Post by Gerardo »

I think there are two different types of folds placed together.

The first one is from a 2 x 1 rectangle. The shortest edges are first folded as mountains to the middle (cupboard base), then make a blintz base with valley folds. That's it.

For the other one use a small square. First, fold it in half (I think people call this a "door base"). After that, make two 45° valley folds, one next to the other, but be sure to start both folds from the center of the original square (the middle of the folded edge).
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Re: Help identifying fold/model

Post by walidd »

its too beautiful but its lil difficult
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