Is there any models of anotomicaly correct fish?

Looking for a specific model? Here's the place to start.
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Is there any models of anotomicaly correct fish?

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I have to do presentation about fish (in biology) next so i got idea to make origami fish and show general details of it. I just can't find fish that would contain enough details to show in presentation. (Angelfish is still closest to best) Can anyone help find best ( average complicated please) fish to show in this case?
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Have you looked at Robert Lang's Goatfish diagrammed in Origami Design Secrets? I don't know much about fish, but that one has a ton of fins-I would imagine it is anatomically correct, coming from Lang and all :P
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Chad Killeen (Bluepaper) has a Coelacanth on his Flickr.
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Re: Is there any models of anotomicaly correct fish?

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:wink: Tanteidan magazine has the best fish diagrams for complexity and since Japanese eat raw sushi they should know .
There is an index somewhere online which lists the models and diagrams .
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