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Post by sunshine23 »

Hi, I am Ivan from Serbia and I am total newby but want to learn
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Post by YanG »

Hi everyone.
My name is Yan, i'm from Brazil, i'm 22.
I've been folding origamis for a year now. I'm glad to be here and excited to learn more with you guys. My english is rusty, feel free to correct me.

Happy folding!!!

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Re: Introductions

Post by Dizzy »

Hello everyone,

I've skulked around the forum for... About a decade reading advice and admiring designs, but didn't make an account. I do origami as an on-and-off hobby, and like most of my hobbies, I make it very hard on myself by tackling the hardest parts - in origami, I usually make really complicated designs one time and move on. I've done Origami since I was about 5, found intro books at the library. I like to make models as gifts to people. I like shaping models especially, and I will usually slightly modify designs once I've made them a few times, but I haven't designed any models yet. My favorite origami are the traditional Crane, Robert Lang's Koi, Michael Lafosse's Anna's butterfly, and Eric Joisel's Rat - all of which I enjoy modifying and shaping.

I'm in college and doing research right now, but I'll contribute what I can. I'm teaching myself crease patterns right now, and once I work them out I draw the mountain/valley folds over the CP, which I might share. at the moment I'm working on Sipho Mabona's Upupa Epops, a gift for my research professor, might share the final result. The last thing I finished was Roman Diaz's Elephant.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Baltorigamist »

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Re: Introductions

Post by Abel »

Hey Everyone,

My name is Abel and I like origami...

And I'm here to find others interested in it too.

I have some goals of my own involving origami, but right now I have only a little bit of time. I'll be back!

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Re: Introductions

Post by IOAMARG »

Hi everyone from Athens, Greece.
I have been working with Geometry during my Engineering graduate studies..Since then many years passed and recently i discovered the challenge of folding!

I have started practicing with Robert Lang's books trying to learn the basics.
There are moments of despair but also moments of glory!


I hope i can get more into this magnificent science and art and this forum gives me a lot of optimism towards my next foldings.

Thanx for this opportunity to share!
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Re: Introductions

Post by Char »

Hello everyone I’m from Dallas, Texas and have been folding origami for a couple of years now but got interested in complex origami only this year. So far, I’ve only made two model’s that I would consider complex, both insects, and I want to make more of them because making complex origami is interesting to me. I’m hoping to learn some tips on how to improve my shaping skills, and how to get better at making grids and models from crease patterns.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Grace159 »

Hi Char, welcome to the origami forum. I am more a designer than an advanced folder, however there are quite a few on this forum that can make beautifully complex models. You are more than welcome to have a look at our current monthly challenge which for August is 'Summertime' and to create your own thread to showcase your work in the origami galleries. To post pictures you need to copy BBC code from an already uploaded picture (Flickr on a computer is the easiest source).

Have fun :)
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Re: Introductions

Post by OrigamiasaEnthusiast »

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