I'll fold anything

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I'll fold anything

Postby Matera » December 25th, 2016, 3:42 am

I taught myself origami over 20 years ago when I had a job that left me too exhausted to do much else. I bought two books and had at it. Folding occupied my mind with little physical effort, and helped me rest. Time passed, things changed. Recently I found my interest reviving. The books had lost themselves, but with the vast resources of the Internet I soon found enough diagrams and videos to keep me busy! I also indulged in the amazing variety of paper available for sale on line.

When I had refreshed the folding pathways in my brain, I even started teaching. My first class was once a week for a couple of months. Not many came, and none regularly, but I had one star pupil with whom I could share my best paper. She made it all worthwhile. =D>

Of course I am still only a student myself. One lesson I have taken to heart is that when I am "oridoodling" and come up with an interesting variation, it must be documented and shared. I lost some simple but charming original models from my first folding era because I didn't make any diagrams or notes. Only a few specimens of one survived to be "reverse engineered."

At first, origami was a solitary pastime for me. Now I love sharing as much as folding. So, here I am, after asking DuckDuckGo to find me a forum. :D

About the thread title: Yep just about anything. Just not sheet metal. Or plywood.
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Re: I'll fold anything

Postby Cadix » December 26th, 2016, 9:02 pm


Welcome and all that.

I misread your title to begin with. I thought you meant you love origami so much you'll fold any models available :-)

Hope you have fun!

-- Tyler
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