New member from Michigan, USA

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New member from Michigan, USA

Post by janknez »

Hello, my name is Jan, I live in Michigan, I am 70 years old, and I have been folding paper for seven or eight years, but I am not advanced. I consider my skill level to be middle intermediate. Tomoko Fuse is my idol.

I especially like to fold boxes and things that hold things (containers), and modular stars and wreaths.

A few months ago I decided that any origami-ist worthy of the title must be able to fold a good crane. I am aiming at folding 1000 and am up to 426 as of today.

I just discovered this forum and wished I had found it long ago.

Thank you for allowing me to join.
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Re: New member from Michigan, USA

Post by oz »

Welcome to the forum! Make yourself at home. :)

You'll find people from all around the world here on the forum, from kids trying to talk on every post possible to adults who just enjoy the hobby and wish to help others do the same. You'll see some incredible art here, and can get lost for hours exploring the amazing folds, especially here (and the 986 pages before that one).

This forum is a deep well of knowledge, from paper to techniques and everything in-between. Take your time, explore, and feel free to share your experience or ask any questions you have! Welcome to the forum! :D
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Re: New member from Michigan, USA

Post by NeverCeaseToCrease »

Hello, Jan!

It's always good to have new members join, especially experienced ones. I think you'll find lots of help here for anything, or you'll be able to offer help to many people. This forum is especially nice because the moderators are good at filtering out mean comments. Pretty soon you'll see what I mean when I say people are really helpful here.
Lastly, I encourage you to participate in the monthly design challenges, which don't seem to have as many entries as they used to. Here is this month's:

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your contributions!
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