Pleased to be joining this forum

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Pleased to be joining this forum

Post by Goldtiger-997 »

Hello, I am a folder who has been folding origami for about 8 and a half years. I was folding a lot in 2012-2013, but after that I slowed down, and did not fold as often. However, halfway through 2017 my origami spirit was rekindled :) ! Not long after that, I discovered these forums. After lurking on the forums for a while, I discovered that while my folding skills were pretty good, I really needed to work on my CP reading skills and my design skills. I also was reminded of the fact that there were many techniques in origami that I had so far been too lazy to try, such as wetfolding, MC, and tissue foil.

So I decided to try and improve my skills in those areas! I have now tried wetfolding and tissue foil (which I might discuss in a later post) and mostly succeeded. I also recently bought some MC, but I am yet to use it. To improve my crease pattern skills, I first looked at some of the easier CP challenges (a tradition, BTW, that I am very in favour of restarting). After that, I went to the flickr pages of several forum members and attempted some CPs that were there. Since it might interest the authors that someone else folded their models, I'll list them here. They were turtle by NeverCeaseToCrease, dragon crane by Tomasz Krawczyk, dancing shark by kareshi, cat, lion, and pirahna by anonymous person, butterfly by PauliusOrigami, orca, turtle hatchling, and simple squid by Ponadr, and lobster by Artur Biernacki. (I still have all the folds.) I'll now try and fold any interesting and not too hard CP that I see.

However, my design skills have not improved much. I think that the monthly design challenges will be helpful in this, and that was one of the main reasons I joined these forums. (I do have ODS, but it's ODS1 not ODS2, so I miss the chapter on polygon packing and the bit on hexpleating, which sounds very interesting :(. ) Anyway, here are some of my designs. Unfortunately they're all boxpleated, even though I prefer other types of models. All of them were created pre-2017 (but with recent modifications), except for the last one.

ImageChair - my design by Goldtiger997, on Flickr
There is a crease pattern for this on my flickr. I have also diagrammed this model, If anyone wants to test the instructions.

ImageFrog - my design by Goldtiger997, on Flickr
There is a crease pattern for this on my flickr.

I didn't have any satisfactory photos of the following design, so here is the crease pattern which should be easy enough to fold without a final image
Imagearmchair-cp by Goldtiger997, on Flickr
Note it's not flat-foldable.

This last design I created on December the 31st 2017. I designed and folded it from the only sheet of kami I brought to a tennis match. (FYI, I do like tennis, so I only folded during the breaks.)
ImageLady - my design by Goldtiger997, on Flickr
I don't have a crease pattern for this, but I should be able to make one.

Lastly, here are some photos of some models I folded recently. There are more photos in my flickr.
ImageSome models I folded recently by Goldtiger997, on Flickr

ImageEupatorus gracilicornis - Dao Cuong Quyet by Goldtiger997, on Flickr

ImageElephant - Artur Biernacki by Goldtiger997, on Flickr

And thats what I've been doing in origami recently!
Thanks to anyone whose's read all the way down to this long introductory post :) !
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Re: Pleased to be joining this forum

Post by origami_8 »

Hello and welcome on board!
I'm sure some of our members can recommend some low intermediate Crease Patterns to you.
Brian Chan has some that are pretty straight forward, but still a little challenging if you are new to CPs, like his Dobsonfly or Water Dragon.
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Re: Pleased to be joining this forum

Post by NeverCeaseToCrease »

Welcome to the forum! I'm glad my cp worked for you. I also have cps for my other models if you would like.

Robert J Lang has some crease patterns in ODS2, but most of those can also be found on his website. Here are some of the easier ones:
Cicada nymph: ... a-opus-588
Scarab Beetle BP (there are more!): ... p-opus-587
Salt Creek Tiger Beetle: ... e-opus-484
Water Strider: ... r-opus-472
Long Horn Beetle: ... e-opus-470

Great folds by the way. Especially liked the big green dinosaur on the shelf.
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Re: Pleased to be joining this forum

Post by Goldtiger-997 »

Thank you origami_8 and NeverCeaseToCrease. I tried Brian Chan's water strider with moderate success. I kind of found a folding sequence for the base on the way. I folded it from a 25cm square of kami and would post a picture, except that my fold was quite messy. If I fold it again with more experience and better paper then maybe I'll post a picture.

I'll try some of the other CPs, but at the moment, I can't understand what the many different coloured lines in Robert Lang's CPs mean. In particular, could someone explain what the lines mean in the scarab beetle or the longhorn beetle. Thanks in advance.

And thanks for your compliment NeverCeaseToCrease!
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Re: Pleased to be joining this forum

Post by Baltorigamist »

Welcome to the forum!

In the Scarab Beetle CP linked above, the thicker solid--and dashed--lines are mountain and valley folds, respectively, and the thin solid lines represent the possible hinge creases. In essence, they show the model's "tree"--and, thus, what part of the paper becomes what part of the model.
A lot of terms I used are covered in ODS, but I'm happy to explain them further if need be.
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Re: Pleased to be joining this forum

Post by Goldtiger-997 »

Thank you Baltorigamist! I would have guessed that the solid and dashed lines meant mountain and valley folds respectively, but I was confused by the way that lines of the same type were coloured in different ways. Also, don't worry, I understood all the terms you used.

Anyway, I folded the scarab beetle from the CP, and it was actually quite fun to collapse, compared to the other boxpleated models/CPs I've folded before. Again, I folded it from a 25cm square of kami, so as to not waste paper if I messed up. However, now that I've folded the scarab beetle, the not amazing quality of the paper is making it hard to shape and also has created some small tears. In particular, my fold has a longer thorax than the pictured one on Robert Lang's website, but I cannot do the necessary folds to adjust for fear of creating a large tear down the middle. (Also, the pictured antennae seem to be twice as long as the flaps for the antennae on my fold :?: )

Again like the water strider, I'll probably fold this again more nicely and with better paper. But for now, maybe I'll try and create something for the monthly design challenge!
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Re: Pleased to be joining this forum

Post by Andre-4 »

Welcome to the forum as far as go the Brian Chan one was more difficult but then I found the step by step ..Most of Robert's work thats isn't published is quite hard to figure..Mostly the aim of the c.p is to get confident grasping the paper..and I used real photos of insects to make my shaping individual.
I want to refold the generic post beetle also.
Will upload photos from Flickr when I work it out
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