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Hello !
I don't remember when I joined this forum, but I'm pretty sure I never introduced myself. The first origami model I ever folded was a flamingo that was diagrammed in some book. For years that one model and couple of paper aeroplanes were the only things I folded. When I was a teen in the 90's when internet became a thing and I could search up anything I wanted, I checked if there was any new origami models I could learn. I was blown away by what I saw. I ordered some books from overseas and used diagrams online. I remember designing an elephant and some insect that had a forking tail, but mostly I just enjoyed the process of folding other people's models. Then origami took a backseat in my life and I didn't fold much. Every time I got some piece of paper in my hands I would fold something from it, some simple or intermediate model that I had memorized or maybe improvise some new butterfly. But in recent months I have gotten back into origami big time and have practiced folding complex models from Lang and Kamiya. I have developed a lot. Now I want to start designing my own models.
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Re: Hello

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Welcome (back)!
Designing is a fun challenge, honestly. I'd recommend the book Origami Design Secrets (2nd Edition) if you don't have that already. (It's well worth the money.)
In case you've already read through it, there are several threads on here that can get you started. It's all a matter of studying crease patterns and learning how the various parts (molecules) work together.

In any case, I hope you enjoy your time here. :)
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Re: Hello

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Hey there!
I'm going to have to agree with Balto that ODS is the number one way to learn how to design. It is a bit pricey though, but you might be able to find some guides online, like this article by Dereck McGann: http://www.derek.mcgann.com/origami/200 ... Design.pdf And of course you can learn by asking questions on this forum. You'd probably enjoy participating in the monthly design challenges.

Happy folding!
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