HELLO, brand new member

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HELLO, brand new member

Post by Xiola »

Hi there. I am a new member here and a new to origami. I have only been folding for a few weeks.

I have been looking at videos and diagrams online. But at times I get completely lost. I really want to learn. I just wish I had a mentor or an in person teacher.

I live in NYC and the only origami class I have been able to find is at the Museum of Natural History and it appears to be geared towards children.

I have a feeling most members here are pretty advanced but I am happy to be here.
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Re: HELLO, brand new member

Post by oz »

Welcome to the forum! :D

I live on the other half of the United States so I'm not able to help you out in person, but I enjoy helping everybody out here on the forums with diagram questions. Please feel free to ask for help; it doesn't matter if it's simple or advanced. There's no shame in being a beginner, we were all there at one point. Once you finish your models, post what you make in the galleries section!

Have fun! Happy folding!
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