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If you don't want to open up a new thread to introduce yourself you can just reply in this thread and say a few words about yourself, when and why you started with Origami, etc.

If you have your own Origami website you are welcome to open up a thread about it in "Origami Clubs and Websites" to keep people informed about updates and hopefully receive some feedback :)
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hello to all

Post by hkdsass »

Hello all, my name is Donna, a Hugh fan of Def Leppard, i'm a graphic designer for a sign company. love photography and make my own jewelry, so the origami boxes go great with them. this is my jewelry and origami from facebook. ... =557855554 ... 5554&op=18
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Reply to your warm welcome

Post by aditya »

I had started origami when I was about 9 to 10 years old . My father had bought me a book"Discover Origami"---by Rick Beech which was my first origami book . Since then I have taken the aid of the internet to secure diagrams for catchy models . Presently I am very busy studying . I am in class 11.
I do not know how to use the forum yet, however I like it since it provides me a mode of communication for my thoughts and ideas .I like all art forms . Thus , I am not so crazy about origami .
Aditya Sengupta
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Post by oswalakhil »

Welcome Aditya! Great to see another folder from India on the forum! :)
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HI ALL!!!!

Post by Draco »

I guess origami started for me when i was 7 years old. There was a competition called the "Science Olympics". Our goal was to make an airplane that could fly the furthest. I created a plane that flew -2 feet :oops: . after that moment i wanted to learn how to fold an airplane. a year later the second S. Olympics started. This time we had to make a boat. Again i failed and wanted to learn. While on the web i learned a new word. Origami. with that i began to learn a few basic models (crane, shuriken, football, etc.) it wasn't till i was 11 origami took off. I finally had a rival. throughout the school years we tried to "out-fold" each other. Now I'm a proficient origamist with the hardest model i can fold being ancient dragon (Satoshi Kamiya). My favorite tv shows are one piece, naruto, and bleach. My hobby is making origami.
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Post by akh »

I am new, and enjoy learning how to make origami projects. I prefer to learn from watching video tutorials . I am not very good at understanding diagrams. :)
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Post by PaperAlchemist »

Hi, I only recently created an account but for a while I've been clicking through this forum secretly admiring all the talented people here.

I'm originally from Hong Kong and like many kids there, I was exposed to traditional origami since I was little. I only discovered the richness and complexity of modern origami a few years ago which changed my whole perception of the art. My goal is to one day make a model of my own design, but as of now I need to get myself familiar with cp's.
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Post by smoKing »

greetings from germany

hi, i'm nick...
i post a new topic on the introduction forum, but i can't see it ._.

why? i don't no ~.~
but i want to introduction myself ^^

i'm 20 years old and start to folding paper since one year ago.
i love it, and i make a pear of own models, i will show you the diagrams i've made :D

many folders using special paper or origami-paper, i don't can buy some special paper in the stores, (the biggest i can buy is 20cm x 20cm)
but many of my models need bigger paper, i started also to fold my models with normally copy paper... and i love it
I find it good if models look after paper, therefore, I fold most models with normal copy paper

i join this forum, 'cause, i want to be better, and i think you can help me ;)

but, before i can really join this forum, i have one question;
where can i upload my homemade diagrams?

i think we will have a nice time together
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Post by chesslo »

Hey mate, hope you have a great time! :D
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Post by PaperAlchemist »

Hi smoKing,

Welcome. If you can't find special papers from local stores, you can always try to order them online. personally I find copy paper really difficult to fold.
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Post by Paper Ninja »

Hello all, I'll use my second post to introduce myself to you all. I'm 19 and I've gotten into origami only very recently, but when I was little I used to fold some simple models like the crane and jumping frog when I stayed at my grandma's house. And I've always been into folding lots of airplanes. Once I had a paper airplane circle above a hot asphalt parking lot for 4 or 5 minutes.

I've gotten more into origami within the last month, and I trying to get better at lots of models at once... I haven't ever folded origami with real origami paper though... What's the difference between printer paper and origami paper? Thickness I assume... Is origami paper better at holding a crease? Easier to fix after making a wrong crease?
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Post by HankSimon »

Welcome. There are many types of Origami paper ranging from copy/printer paper to Origamido paper.

But, I assume the most familiar are the packets of kami (which I think is just the Japanese word for paper), which are thin colored paper that may be a bit stronger than copy paper, with respect to tearing by accident while folding.

Another common type is Washi, which usually means a higher fiber content (not usually cotton), making even more resistant to tearing. It may be good for wet-folding, where you dampen the paper to make it more pliable while folding. Then, when it dries, it tends to hold in place a little better.

There are many special papers, appropriate for different models... with lots of discussions, which you can search for across the Forum.

Finally, there is Origamido paper, which is "brand" of of many types of handmade paper made by Michael LaFossee and Richard Alexander, very good for wet folding. A unique property of some Origamido paper (According to Michael) is that is you really botch a model, then you can wet the paper, unfold it, flatten it, iron all the mistakes, and start fresh.

- Hank Simon
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Post by wilsonorigami »

I've been folding and designing origami since about kindergarten, but I just found the Origami Forum a few months ago. I'm glad to be able to communicate with other origami lovers!
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hello and oopsie- sorry!

Post by pandaraoke »

Hullo all,

Nice to see such a fine group of folders in here!!! I am in awe at the amount of information available through the topics. The moderators do a fine job and seem pretty quick and on top of things! (very pleased)

I joined a while back... posted a couple of things then took a looong break. I'm back and checking in a bit more regularly now. I am active in and facebook. It seems the origami communities in there are booming and there are a TON more people in here than the last time I looked!

I already blundered and posted a question to a topic that already had PLENTY of information about it. (oopsie! my bad! *bows head in apology*) :oops:

Otherwise, (still so sad about our sensei Joisel) :( and looking to fill a bit of a void in my origami world so it brought me back here and I am grateful.

I folded a bit when I was a child and became frusterated when I was unable to make a crane when I was quite young. Patience is a virtue. I took a break for many years and after seeing Eric Joisels Jazz musician set, I realized there was quite a bit more to folding paper than I ever had imagined possible. I began buying books like it was going out of style- (no more money now though). The internet lead me to study about many more artists (Brill, LaFosse, Montroll, Lang, Diaz, Gjerde, Adams videos, our past master Elias, Yoshizawa, and so many more). You all probably know them anyway. I began folding again after a break that lasted couple of decades. I can now say I have thousands of hours of folding under my belt now- but nothing complex or intermediate until the last year really.

There are NO other folders that live around me. :shock: I've taught a few basic classes to children and to seniors through my local parks and recreation facility. (keeping the spark alive in all ages through folding traditional models) That was very fun but my schedule doesn't allow for it right now. I miss having more connections with people through folding. I STILL haven't gotten to go to an origami convention. But I am SO excited!!!! One is coming to Seattle Washington next year! Close to my stomping grounds! I hope (upon all hopes) that I can go.

My friends and family are my biggest fans. (kinda easy for me since NOBODY else folds around here so even a "lucky star" brings gasps of amazement.) I'm pretty lucky that way! ;) I fold for the holidays and special occasions and there are bits of folded paper left wherever I go and in everyone's homes. My hands are never still. As I'm sure there are many of you that fold every day as well (unfortunately taking time out to read this small novel). I have a tendency to be a bit wordy. I know... shocking huh? :)

I look forward to "lurking about" a bit more and I'm sure I'll bumble my way through. Just wanted to say HI!

Thanks to:

Frumious Bandersnatch (hope I got that right) for leading me to the forum in the first place (even if I DID forget it for a while it was you).

See you around! (origami hugs) \:D/
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Post by missORA »

gday everone,

Im Dani and im from Adelaide in South Australia. Ive been interested in origami for a while but really started this year. ive done a couple of things but still so much to learn. My main interest in origami is doing flower centre peices. One day id really like to go far and do as a profession BUT i dont know how far origami can go in the likes of centrepeices.

Anyways it would be great to know one of you, will take me time to get use to using the site but dont be afraid to say hi :)

thanks again guys
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