Heads up for 2018 Origami Collection Submissions

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Heads up for 2018 Origami Collection Submissions

Post by marckrsh »

Hi All,

Many of you should be familiar with our Origami Collection series of books. We feel fortunate to have attracted some of the best new pieces from the origami community, often from up and coming artists. Our deadline for submissions is rapidly approaching, and we wanted to make sure both our regular and future contributors are aware of this. Specifically, we will have a cutoff for the 2018 edition on April 4th 2014. As before, anything submitted after the deadline will be held over for future editions. Submission instructions and portal can be found here:


Please use the Publications contact email (found at http://origamiusa.org/contact) if you have any questions. Contributors will receive a special link to download a complimentary copy. Looking forward to your contributions.


OrigamiUSA Publications
Marc Kirschenbaum
JC Nolan
Daniel Scher
Omer Shalev
Nathan Zeichner
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Re: Heads up for 2018 Origami Collection Submissions

Post by origami_8 »

For anyone else wondering what Origami collection Marc is speaking about, it is the annual OUSA Convention book. For a moment I really thought I would have missed out on an important Origami publication by not knowing about it, but then was pleased to find out, that it actually is something familiar, phew!
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Re: Heads up for 2018 Origami Collection Submissions

Post by steingar »

I used to submit there every year until someone started telling me how to draw my diagrams.
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