The great online group in Spanish about origami

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The great online group in Spanish about origami

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I want to tell you about the great online group to converse, ask questions, discuss, etc. in Spanish about origami.

It started recently so it has a lot of potential! If you're proficient in Spanish, I invite you to join. Now, even if you aren't, I want to ask you the immense favor of posting the following image on your social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, etc.) and also sharing it with all the Spanish-speaking origamists you know. And would you please ask them to post and share it as well? It's the only way the poster can be propagated and the group can become successful.


Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance!

PS: If you join, please use your real name as your username. For example, mine is @Gerardo G.
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