Excited to learn more from fellow origamists.

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Excited to learn more from fellow origamists.

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Hi, my name is Penny.

I have been fascinated with origami since I was in elementary school. Any craft that turns the 2d into the 3d, such as weaving, crochet, etc. always excited me. I'd make little flat origami pieces that were fairly simple. Then in my 30s I discovered modular origami. Wow!

It seems I get back into the art when Christmas rolls around and all my relatives get origami gift boxes. One year I gave my niece $10 -- it was 10 $1 bills in which I folded each one into a different shape. That was fun.

Then every August I visit the crafts barn at our local fair and look at the origami, and I say every time, next year I'm entering an exhibit. Next time. Next time. So this is my year. Over the past month I have been practicing old models, trying to make more complex models from instruction books, and delving into YouTube instructional videos. Then I saw people were making really amazing models like dragons with jaws, tongues, claws and wings. I've watched a lot of design how to videos. I have a mathematics degree so all the analytical side of design is right in my wheelhouse. But the art part of it, how to shape three flaps into three claws, that's where I really need to learn, if that can even be learned.

So here I am if anybody would like to say hi. Hi!
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Re: Excited to learn more from fellow origamists.

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Hello and welcome on board!
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