Origami film "UTOPIA"

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Origami film "UTOPIA"

Postby Iren Rondo » December 4th, 2018, 11:59 am

First film only shot with origami models in XXI century is to be released on 23 December 2018!
Utopia is the original origami film made by Iren Rondo. It took 4 months to realise this project. The whole creation is more than 15 minutes long.
This VHS-story tells an unusual story happened with Fangys.
Youtube premiere of the first episode will be held on December, 23, 2 pm (GMT+1 (France, Spain, Poland); GMT+9 (Japan) - 10 pm; GMT+8 (China) - 9 pm; GMT+3(Moscow) - 4 pm. There will be an English and Russian versions. More details will be unveiled soon.

***Official selection LIST-OFF SESSIONS 2018***

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbCFuZ ... subscriber

Submit to the channel and turn the alarms on not to miss its worldwide premiere.

ImageUtopia by Iren Rondo, on Flickr

ImageUtopia by Iren Rondo, on Flickr
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