I opened YouTube channel dedicated to origami!

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I opened YouTube channel dedicated to origami!

Post by Mariapetro12 »

I recently opened a channel on YouTube. While on my channel a little video. But I promise to release a lot of videos in the future.
I have been doing origami since childhood. I remember how they gave me my first book on origami. I was very pleased with this event.
Recently, I decided to open my own YouTube channel which is dedicated to origami. I bought an expensive camera. I spend a lot of time editing my videos. In general, I spent quite a bit of time and energy in order to open this channel.
Now I need your help. At the moment it is very difficult to promote your YouTube channel. I would be very happy if you subscribed to my channel.
Link to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP6oX3 ... WW1GzyGcVw
I hope that my channel will be interesting for you.
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Re: I opened YouTube channel dedicated to origami!

Post by Gerardo »

Congratulations! If you ever decide to make an instructional video of someone else's model, don't forget to ask for authorization first, to give proper credit in the video (name of the creator), and to use the correct name of the model (the one given by its creator).

Best of luck with your channel :D!
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