Want to try and make Tissue Foil but idk where to start

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Want to try and make Tissue Foil but idk where to start

Post by Generoso »

I have been doing simple to intermediate models for the past few years but I recently got my hands on the Satoshi Kamiya's books. Now I'm interested in making more complex models like The Minotaur or the Ancient Dragon. I have been looking through the internet to see if I can buy the paper I need in order to make the models I want but I found some are quite costly for someone who has a low budget. So I decided to maybe try to make my own tissue foil paper but idk where to start. Most of the tissue paper I have seen in stores always have creases on them, how do I straighten it? and what kind of adhesive should I use? I'm from Calgary so I prefer of its something I can buy in a store than online
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Re: Want to try and make Tissue Foil but idk where to start

Post by sattej »

I have not had very much success to make my own tissue foil. I have heard that it can be accomplished with spray adhesive to bond tissue paper to the foil, but I found the process messy, I could not get all creases or marks out of the paper, and the folding process was less enjoyable.

Maybe someone else can give you better advice on a good system to make tissue foil.

My suggestion is whether you have considered making double-tissue paper with methylcellulose paste. To do this, you put tissue paper on a plate of glass and gently dampen it with fine water spray. Then you carefully lift up the edges toward the middle of the sheet, and try to place the sheet back down slowly with (less) wrinkles. Work in circles around the edges of the paper until you are satisfied that it is pretty flat (it is hard to get 100.0% flat, and you won't notice in finished model if there is some small errors). Then you spread methylcellulose paste gently around. Applying the second sheet is harder. It is good to have a separate place that you can put it to get the sheet moistened with fine water spray as before. From there, I strongly suggest to get a helper, and use 2 people to hold the 4 corners and try to gently lay the second sheet on top of the first one. Use a soft brush, or gently use a squeegee to work the bubbles out so that the sheets contact well, and let them dry. This type of paper is strong and holds a crease well.

In place of methylcellulose if you can't find it (likely unless you have fine art stores, which normally do have it), wallpaper paste can work okay too, often this paste is methylcellulose formulation. It is also pre-mixed which is nice.

Good luck.
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Re: Want to try and make Tissue Foil but idk where to start

Post by NeverCeaseToCrease »

Don't worry too much about wrinkles, it rarely makes a difference.
However, you do want to make sure you get the right brand. I've only tried two brands so i can't say very well, especially if the brands are different where you live. The good brand is called Spritz (got it at Target if that helps at all) and the crappy brand was called The Gift Wrap Company or something like that. You also need Methyl cellulose, which might be called Wallpaper paste, but I've heard (diluted? idk) elmer's glue works ok too. And the technique is all on youtube, or from the previous message, or if you scroll down here you can find Steingar's recipe: https://snkhan.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=15129
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Re: Want to try and make Tissue Foil but idk where to start

Post by bethnor »

the "best" tissue foil, IMHO, is tissue paper fused onto japanese foil. this obviates a few weaknesses of "regular" tissue foil. 1) (and probably the most important) reversing a crease with this type of tissue foil is relatively easy, and 2) if you attach the tissue to the foil side, you automatically get a white side, and 3) you can take advantage of the different colors. unfortunately, it gets too thick for super complex models if you glue another sheet of tissue on. unfortunately, this type of tissue foil is more expensive than the regular kind.

all of this said, as others have pointed out, your best bet is double tissue if your main concerns are economic. i'm too busy to post a full analysis, but sheet for sheet, double tissue is cheaper than ordinary kami. everything from kamiya's books can be done with double tissue, and, generally speaking, will be easier with double tissue than tissue foil.
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Re: Want to try and make Tissue Foil but idk where to start

Post by Origami_Hunt »

Here is an example using rice flour. You can substitute rice flour with methylcellulose or other glues.

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