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Re: What To Fold

Post by OrigamiasaEnthusiast »

Up to 60cm
Pretty much all colors
21 gsm untreated tissue
Tissue, bleeding
Something to improve my CP skills, I don't really care
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Re: What To Fold

Post by ScaFS »

A4 and other sizes cut from that
Mainly ivory/white and pastel colors for canson
All thick paper- 90gsm parchment paper, 110gsm elephant hide and canson mi tientes
Probably something not too complex because of the thick paper and the limited size
Don't mind, but if possible something with a fun folding sequence?
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Re: What To Fold

Post by origami_8 »

Such a small and thick paper might be either good for tessellations or for wet folding. Maybe a model by Roman Diaz might be fitting.
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Re: What To Fold

Post by DarkPaper »

50x50 cm
white with silver patches throughout (like a giraffe but not like a giraffe)
very thin
double tissue
any complexity, as long as it's not like zoanoid dragon or something >->
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