Hello from lockdown UK

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Hello from lockdown UK

Post by duncanknowles »

Hi all,

I've just joined the forum after folding origami for close to 40 years, starting when I was 8 when an uncle got me a secondhand copy of Robert Harbin's Origami 1. Frustration at not being able to fold the frog and sheer determination to do so kept me going until I realised I'd got the hang of it, and never stopped. As a student, I enjoyed folding simple models as small as possible - getting that same frog down to about 5mm long using tweezers and a magnifying glass. After that, I started getting more interested in complex models.

Sadly, work means I rarely have time to fold much nowadays, but when I do, I still prefer super complex origami. Satoshi Kamiya is a favourite of course (along with every other super complex folder, I'm sure). When I can eventually find the time, I want to start exploring folding from crease patterns instead of diagrams, and to experiment with papers (particularly to learn to make my own tissue foil) since I mainly fold in Kraft. I'd also love to have a go at designing models myself, but once again, time is the challenge...

I've scanned the forum several times, but today thought I should probably sign up rather than just reading...

All the best,

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Re: Hello from lockdown UK

Post by origami_8 »

Welcome on board!
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Re: Hello from lockdown UK

Post by Grace159 »

Welcome Duncan,
The notification emails must have gone out late this time as I only received the email today. There are a lot of designers on this forum and some lovely monthly challenges. Participation has been rather low at the moment, but it will pick up back up and it is an easy way to stretch your own skill sets and gain confidence.
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