To quote or not to quote ... that is the question

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How should quoting be handled

Please quote as little as necessary, because it annoys me to read all the text over and over again.
Quoting doesn't bother me, because I don't really need to read the quoted text.
Quoting is ok, as long as people use the internal quoting functions to make clear, which of the text is a quote, and which not.
I never thought about it.
I don't have an opinion about that.
Quote as much as you want. The more the better.
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Post by OrigamiGianluca »

3dr option.
Since I usually read all the topics I'm interested in, it is usefull to have an idea of what the last post is related with.
Quote is useless only if the last post is referred to the immediately previos one.
But even if it is referred to the next to last one or older post, quote becomes very usefull because it maybe possible that in the last, for example, 3 messages the topic would be going off-topic, and without quoting you may gardly understand the post --> Fold with me...

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Post by Morgan »

Daydreamer wrote:
But Christian, you should at least name the person you are quoting...

Code: Select all

haha but i was looking for exactly this to make someones name come up in quotes..and it was answered :D thanks :D but be sure to enable bbcode :[ heh
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Re: To quote or not to quote ... that is the question

Post by Harpseal »

I like quoting as long as you're not quoting someone who's quoted someone who's quoted someone......
And the quote isn't too long, unlike Anna's.
Also, i find doing

Is useful for really short things that are on the same page.
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Re: To quote or not to quote ... that is the question

Post by OrigamiasaEnthusiast »

If they don't over-quote....
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