why do people follow trends

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why do people follow trends

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i am writing a research paper on why people folow trends. i want to know what the general public thinks. what are you views as to why people follow a trend, or cultural trend. what makes one trend more popular than other trends. it can be any trend, ex. origami, why do some people follow satoshis' origami more than langs', football, why dose one root/cheer for one teem over the other, fashion, toys, games etc. to whom ever is reading this i want to know your thoughts.

p.s. if there is a topic like this, please point me to it.

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its not bad to follow trends. if you dont like it but you just do it to be cool, you can say its superficial but they're some people that like something that is a trend but dont do it because they think its cool to not do something that everyone is doing. they are also superficial.
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I think this is because humans are generally social creatures. By following a certain trend, they would have a common interest to share with others, providing them with the opportunity to communicate with and connect with them socially. People don't usually care how idiotic a trend is, as long as it attracts hordes of potential "friends" for them. (Friends=power).

Unfortunately, refusing to follow trends does not actually make you unique or special as your parents might try to reassure you. It makes you "different", singling you out as an enemy for "normal people" to rally against, kind of like the Devil, who was cast out of heaven because he did not follow the trend of "not attempting to overthrow God".
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Lack of Individuality.

"Do everybody is doing till you find your way"

Some times if find people that is doing someting and don't have a idea about what is doing.
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because they need to fit in... either they are too meek to stand up for themselves or they do it because their friends do and they are popular so they cant mess up their image.
other times.. it is because they genuinely like the trend.. dont judge people just cuz they follow a trend, they have no individuality.. they might, but their style just happens to be the current trend.
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People (especially when they're like 16) are trying to be cool,impress people and have friends. Alot of these things can be 'obtained' (9/10 time not really)by following trends. It's in the nature of the human being,it's just how we are. About the Satoshi-Lang thing,origami made by Satoshi looks more complex. That's another one of those things. We think that more complex is better,also when the simplest solution is the best.

But I'm going to stop now before I'm going to write a whole lecture. I hope this helped you!
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