May Valleyschwag

Earlier last month I subscribed to Valleyschwag. Each month members of Valleyschwag are sent a care package which usually consists of tshirts, stickers and other crazy schwag from start up companies. It costs $14.95 (around £12 for European subscribers) to join, payable each month via PayPal.

This months package consisted of 11 items, covering schwag from Movable Type, Rubyred Labs, Technorati, Goatse Sighting, EFF, Feed Burner and abazap. I also got some really cool catster and dogster badges :-)

I’ve uploaded photos of my care package to my (slightly under-loved) Flickr Gallery – check out the schwag!.

I must admit that May’s edition was not nearly as exciting as April’s – however this can be explained as their client base increased from 60 subscribers to 1500 subscribers in less than 1 month!

This months package scores 7/10. Lets hope for a better June package!


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