Imran's Wedding

Imran finally managed to get hitched to Fazila on Sunday 2nd March 2008. I had luckily managed to get the entire week off to help with the wedding preparations. Had an absolutely brilliant time, but it was a nightmare getting to the wedding hall, which was in central London.

We managed to stay until around 11pm, after which we made our way home, but not before visiting the Halal Subway on Edgeware Rd. I was gutted as they had ran out of meatballs (I’m desperate to try their Meatball Marinara!).

Imran & Fazila
Imran & Fazila on stage.

Me and Shenaz
Me and Shenaz, Imran’s eldest sister who now lives in America.

The Lads
From left to right: Baker, Sarfraz, Yasin, Shiraz (due to get married in May), some guy who’s name I’ve forgotten, me, Umar, Abdul and the rest of Imran’s friends.

Bushra, Zainab, Me and Zahirra
Me with Bushra, Zainab and Zahirra.


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