Camp America!

I finally puckered up the courage and applied for Camp America for Summer 2009. I got the wonderful news yesterday that I’ll be off to Camp Burgess on June 20th, right up until August 28th.

Camp Burgess is on the east coast of Massachusetts, and a stones throw away (relatively) from New York. It’s also near the infamous Cape Cod. I’ve opted to be a general counsellor, which means I’ll get to try lots of different and interesting things!

I’m also preparing for my American Red Cross Lifeguard qualification, and trying my best to perfect my front crawl. At the camp I’ll be teaching and assisting with Arts & Crafts (Origami), Photography, Multimedia (Video/Photo editing), Cooking, Swimming and Nature.

I’ll try my best to keep the journal updated as frequently as I can over the next couple of months – I don’t think I’ll get much of an opportunity once I’m there!

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