Imran's leaving party

Imran (whom I used to work with at the chemist on Saturdays) left sometime in December of last year. However, we’ve only just got round to organising his farewell party, which we held at Zizzi on Beaver Street.

Imran was has always been hard to shop for, mostly due to his impeccable taste in, I guess everything! We opted to get him some vouchers for Limeys, a shop in St Martins Square that he often frequents.

I’m sure we all had a very good time; I know I did. I will miss his slapstick (and often disturbing) sense of humour, which I’ve only just grown accustomed to.

I’m hoping to buy him the new 1GB iPod Shuffle available from Apple UK. He’s always wanted an iPod but it’s never been an affordarble thing (plus I never thought it existed till today!).


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