Debranding Orange k700i

Over the last couple of days I’ve been trying (in vein) to attempt to flash my Orange Sony Ericsson k700i with the latest firmware. Although I succeeded using the official Sony Ericsson Update Service, the phone retained the Orange branding (which I’m so desperate to get rid of!).

Finally, after much help from the DaVinci Team I managed to flash my phone and rid the Orange software forever (evil laughter).

For those having connection problems, I have developed a short guide on how to successfully flash your phone. It may not be comprehensive, but should prove useful to those who are currently experiencing problems with the DaVinci software.


Before you begin, ensure your battery is completely full, and that you have created necessary backups of your data.

  1. This userguide assumes you have a DSS-25. Please ensure you have the latest drivers (which were installed automatically with the latest synchronising software when I installed it). Close down any synchronising software using the Sync Station.
  2. Unplug the DSS-25 USB cable and execute the latest driver patch from Davinci. Reboot the computer and re-insert the cable.
  3. Ensure you have sufficient credits to flash your phone. At the time of publishing, I paid £4.30 for 1 credit.
  4. Run the DaVinci client software.
  5. Login, and make sure you have enough credits to flash/unlock the phone (click on Info next to the login area).
  6. Choose the ‘Flash’ tab. Click on ‘Get Files’ and download the appropiate files for your region. As a UK user, I downloaded EU2 flash file.

Configuring the COM Port

  1. Firstly, click on ‘Check Available Ports’. If the DSS-25 is detected on a port higher than COM10, you will need to re-assign the DSS-25 to a lower COM port. To do this, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports > SEMC DSS SyncStation. Then right click, select properties and go to Advanced. Re-assign the COM port to a number less than 10, I would recommend 7. If Windows warns that the port is in use, select that you would like to use it anyway.
  2. Next, restart the Davinci client software.
  3. Click on ‘Check Available Ports’.
  4. Select the correct COM port in which the DSS-25 is installed.
  5. Switch off your fully charged k700, remove the battery, reinstall the battery and cover and place it on the DSS-25. If at this time the charger is connected to station, remove it.
  6. Connect the k700 to the station.
  7. Click on ‘Read CID’ on the client software.
  8. When instructed, press the power on button on the k700. The software should detect your phone and acknowledge this in the software.
  9. Check the CID – ensure your CID matches that of the file you downloaded earlier. As a UK user, this did not apply to me.
  10. Proving everything is okay, you are ready to flash your phone!

Flashing your phone

Ensure your battery is 100% full!

  1. Select the Flash tab on the DaVinci client software. The software should recognise the downloaded files and pre-fill the necessary ‘Main’ and ‘FS’ fields. Make sure that the checkboxes beside these files are ticked. As a UK user, I did not have a seperate Language (SFA), file so I did not tick this field.
  2. If your phone is not already mounted on the DSS-25, switch it off, remove and reinsert the battery and place it on the sync station.
  3. Close all programs sans the Davinci software.
  4. Press ‘Flash’ on the client software.
  5. The software checks that you have sufficient credits to flash the phone. Next, it reads the CID.
  6. The flashing begins, and the software keeps you updated of the progress.
  7. The first file to be flashed is the ‘Main’, which requires flashing of 218 blocks.
  8. After successful completion, the program progresses to the FS file, which consists of 97 blocks.
  9. The program will upload the CsLoader and once activated, will debit your account with the necessary credit.
  10. If all has gone to plan, you can safely remove the k700 after closing the application.
  11. Power on the phone. Initially the phone can take upto 5 mins to acknowledge the new settings. During this time DO NOT switch off the phone!
  12. Once the phone starts and recognises your service provider, perform a Master Reset.
  13. Your phone is ready to use!


Not everything in life goes to plan, and in my case, getting the DaVinci software to work on my tired install of Windows was difficult. Here are some error messages recorded by the software in its log file.

Problem 1
Error opening DSS port: COM11
Execution Time – 00:00:00
Error: 0×000100

Solution: Check that the DSS is installed on a port number less than 10.

Problem 2
OTp error

Solution: This error is caused by a communication error between your PC and phone. Ensure your battery is fully charged and try again.

Problem 3
Lost connection with phone. Try to flashing on
lower speed. Close all applications, especially
ICQ and WinAmp, check the battery charge,
check cable connection and try again.

Solution: Remove the phone, remove and reinsert the battery and repeat the flashing procedure. This error occurs halfway through the flashing. Do not worry, you do not need to buy more credits to re-flash the phone!

And finally a successful log:

Client Version 12.4
Power on the phone!
Detected SonyEricsson: K700/F500/K500/S700/Z500.
Status Ok, OTP Close, CID29, PAF1
Flash file CID:29
Flashing 218 blocks…
address: 44D328D8, block: 218/218
C:\Desktop\Flashes\k700r2ae_main.bin flashed successfully
Flash file CID:29
Flashing 97 blocks…
address: 45600000, block: 97/97
C:\Desktop\Flashes\k700r2ae_fs_eu2.bin flashed successfully
Flash Finalization Started!
Wait while process will be finished!
CsLoader Accepted Ok!
System Initialization. Please Wait…
Getting data from server…
Connection ok! Data recieving…
Sign 1 ok.
Sign 2 ok.
CsLoader Unlocked!
Flash Finalization – successfull !!!
Execution Time – 00:06:46

Other Useful Resources
Esato – Unofficial SE support Forums
Sony Ericsson Update Service – Official SE Update Service (SEUS)
DaVinci – Software developer website with tutorials.


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