Team Outing At Nandos

We had been thinking of a team outing for a couple of weeks, and so when Charlotte mentioned Nandos, we booked the date immediately. Unfortunately, some people of the team couldn’t make it, including Lorraine (our manageress).

In the end, it was a short party which consisted of myself, Jay, Ashiya, Natasha and Charlotte. We mostly talked about work, and Natasha enlightened us about her frightening driving experiences. Since both of us are equally hesitant at getting our driving lessons done we agreed that we’d start them both together (although I don’t think I’ll get very far!).

Ashiya and Charlotte left us after Nandos, and so the rest of us ended up going to Bar Risa. Natasha got stuck in the ladies as a girl grabbed hold of her (quite literally) and demanded a piece of chewing gum to fix her broken shoe heel! Bless …


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