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My beautiful mum

My beautiful mum, Maina Begum Khan, Born 12th September 1957, Died 24th October 2010. Life will never be the same.


I’ve already started making preparations by buying things which I’ll need for camp. Hopefully getting things done now will mean not needing to stress nearer the time. Olivia suggested I wait until the January sales to get some of the stuff (mostly the warm clothing I’ll need for the evenings). The list I have so far consists of:

  • Flashlight (I bought the LED Lenser Police Tech Focus Torch)
  • Swim wear and shorts
  • Cap
  • Hoodies and warm clothes
  • Flag of Great Britain (for people to sign)
  • Plug convertor
  • iPod (unsure whether to get a shuffle or nano)
  • Prescription swimming goggles
  • Towel
  • Pyjamas
  • Trainers and sandals
  • Extra memory cards
  • Wellington boots (might buy these in America)
  • Sleeping bag (I like the Lippi Selk Bag)
  • Rubber chicken, or I might take my PGTips monkey

I still need to pay the mandatory medical insurance (£165), travel surcharges (£178), baggage insurance (£62), VISA costs ($131) and the cost of the American Red Cross Lifeguard qualification which will set me back a further £90.

If you wish, you can help me out by making a donation.

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