New books by Seth Friedman and Roman Diaz

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New books by Seth Friedman and Roman Diaz

Postby bethnor » July 6th, 2016, 8:19 am

i'm too lazy to post links to them on amazon, but both seth friedman and roman diaz recently released new books--dog and cat origami, respectively. these are two of my favorite designers, so i was really excited when the first images appeared. unfortunately, the covers shown early on were placeholder covers using very famous, iconic designs (roman diaz, hideo komatsu, david brill cats, for instance). i felt this was misleading in the early marketing.

for those who are fans of these designers' more complex works, these books are not for you. however, they do contain fun, intermediate designs. i suspect the same is true of friedman's bird origami book. if you want good intermediate models, you may enjoy these books.

if friedman and diaz are around, i would encourage them to release previews of the table of contents, which is available for most books on amazon. had i seen the table of contents, i probably would have passed.
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