Origami Ninjas book and App

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Origami Ninjas book and App

Post by Paulhanson »

Hello Everyone,

I have just released a book 'Origami Ninjas' which features a range of imaginative figures, a collection of Ninjas, and includes the Origami Sci-weapon used in the RED 2 film.

The models range from simple to high intermediate.

Photographs of all the models appear here:
http://www.sorceryoforigami.co.uk/model ... -book.html

There are two versions of the book:-

Origami Ninjas book

Colour edition

Black and White Edition

I have also just released an App giving instructions for the Origami Ninja. It includes instructions for the figure, Katana (ninja sword) and the traditional throwing star.

Note that the app contains the same ninja diagrams as in the above book.

The app is available for Android phones from the Google play on an Android phone Search for 'Origami Ninja'.

Thank you.

Paul Hanson
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Re: Origami Ninjas book and App

Post by pimmu1s »

hello mr hanson , i recently bought your book 'origami ninjas and other paper sorcery' since i m very interested in making human figures .

there is something in the ninja diagram i don ' t get . 1 of the triangles that are made in the frog-base (step 4 & step 8) is in step 17 a lot smaller but i don t see anything in the diagrams leading to that result ( i ll attach some pictures , i m dutch and find it hard to explain this )
can you explain how this is possible ?

one other thing , i read an article you wrote in bos magazine 238 and i simply adore the male figure , do you have diagrams for that one ?

i hope you can help me with these issues ,
best regards

pim muis
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