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After all, how to create a new template?

PostPosted: December 24th, 2016, 10:02 pm
by lucasczmendes
Hello everyone!
First of all I must inform everyone who is reading this publication that, in fact, I know nothing about English. I'm using Google Translate, so please forgive typos!

I'm an amateur. I've it for several years, but I never studied in order to have full and true growth, because I do not have much time for that! Well, I fold to "Ancient Dragon", so that's my level. It's worth noting that I'm not very good at CP ...

As I have already said, I do not know anything about English. Almost everything about Origami today in English! I can not study for books, magazines, or videos because they are all in English! Sometimes I think it will be much more profitable for me to study English for years and years to only after a long time try to study Origami again. But unfortunately, I do not have that much free time.

But let's get down to business.

I really like the technique "Box Pleating", for me it is the most fantastic and admirable. But I also like 22.5 °. Anyway, how can I learn to create using these two techniques? I know that each of them is efficient in creating specific models. After all, Box Pleating models can not be made in 22.5 °.

I have already created some bases for models in "Box Pleating". Great bases, even! But unfortunately, I could not finish. Although the base was great and complete, I could not shape the parts in arms, head, hair, etc. That is, I was able to separate the layer of paper destined for some part of the body, but I could not conclude with that part of the body.

The Origamist I most like, without a doubt, is the "Obelisk". The most beautiful models, in my opinion, that have created are: "Dark Magician Girl" and "Asuna 2.0".

Anyway, separating the parts of the paper into "Box Pleating" for me is something that is evolving gradually, but shaping those separate pieces is being particularly disconcerting.

As for technique 22.5 ° ... Well, I can not take anything from that. Not even a heart shape!

I know the "ORipa" and "Tree Maker" programs. I understand that to use these models, I have to draw the skeleton of the model that I intend to create, then draw the idea of this skeleton in the program. But:

1: How to draw the skeleton in the program?
2: How do you know if the drawing is correct?
3: After the program creates the CP, what should I do with it? What guarantees me that this CP will give me exactly the model that I imagined?

Anyway, the models that I want to create are in style: human figures, characters of series and animes, emblematic figures, etc. Below I will leave the photos of the types of models that I want to create!

Thanks for the attention of everyone who has read and thank you all for trying to help me in any way! Creating models is undoubtedly one of my biggest dreams, but it seems impossible for me today.