Recommended Papers for each model in Works of Satoshi Kamiya

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Recommended Papers for each model in Works of Satoshi Kamiya

Postby Archie » January 2nd, 2019, 4:51 pm

Hey guys! I have put together a list for the best papers available on for each model of Works of Satoshi kamiya.
Remember, 9 times out of 10 paper treated with MC is the best option (Unyru, Mulberry, Double tissue), so I will not be including them. If anyone has any better ideas for papers I will update.
Also, I will not be including kami or anything like that. Only "exceptional papers".

Carnotaurus- 30x30 Tissue foil (Green).
This paper choice may be slightly on the big side but will be good to work with. It will hold its shape good and possible allow the model to stand without the use of glue or spending hours making it to.

Eagle Ray- 20x20 Purple Tant
This one doesn't really have a specific paper that really works best. Tant is a great idea, as it has a great purple color which looks nice with it. Tant is only avaliable in 24cm in up, which will work great, but I recommend trimming it for a better size for the finished model. It's just preference.

Splash!- 23x23 Blue and White Sandwich paper.
This one could be easily homemade using foil, but I think the blue and white contrasts nice. Not much else to say really.

Pegasus- 30x30 white tissue foil
This model is really annoying to make look good and stand on its own. If folded well, 30x30 tissue foil will be perfect. It will hold a better shape then most papers and that means it can probably stand.

Hercules Beetle- Deluxe Washi Black 35x35cm
Deluxe washi is like a dream to fold with. If folded well, the black body with gold wings will look stunning.

Divine Dragon- Biotope Blue Marine 60x60/70x70 if your made of money
The divine dragon is a great model to fold. It is decently hard, not as hard as the aincent dragon, slightly trickier then all other models in the book. The folding sequence is quite similar to the minotaur in my opinion, but quite a bit more complex and hard. It is easily the best model in the book folding wise and the bigger the better (for the head)

Kirin- Cream Tant 24x24
Cream tant is only avaliable in a multipack. However, tant is good for many models in this book. The kirin is simple to fold, so you dont need fancy paper at all. To be honest though, its the same for most models in this book.

T-Rex- 30x30 green tissue foil.
The color goes really well and so does the size with this model. Tissue foil allows the model to stand as well.

Inoshishigami- 30x30 Light Gray Elephant Hide
This model is stunning if folded well. It doesnt require super thin paper, so elephant hide will work well as it looks really good with all animal models.

Barosaurus- 24x24 Rhino Hide
I took a fondness to this paper. 24x24 is perfect for this type of model, and the green goes lovely. Strange as hell model to fold though.

Unicorn- Deluxe Washi White 35x35.
I use deluxe washi as much as possible. This color choice will give a white body and gold horn. Looks stunning as with all models folded using this paper.

The Yellow Bird- 30X30 tissue foil (Yellow)
The yellow bird is as annoying to make stand as is it easy. Nice fold, annoying afterwards. Tissue foil allows it to stand however.

Blue Whale- 30x30 Blue Elephant hide
Again only part of a multipack, this model is made best using thick paper. Blue elephant hide will work well, while using the reccomended paper size of 30x30

Smilodon- 24x24 Duo Thai Black/Red
This paper will give the smilodon a nice look, with a red/black body and a black/red pair of teeth. Quite a nice easy model too, so big paper isnt needed.

Coelophysis- 20x20 green tissue foil.
Like all previous dinosaurs, this model needs green paper. Tissue foil is a nice paper for the job.

Orca- Deluxe Washi Black
Personally, I love the color change with the washi with this model. Gold underbelly and eyes, with a black body. 35x35 will be a nice size.

I cant say any other paper for this. I'm sorry. This model only works well with homemade tissue foil to be honest. I dont want to say use origami shop tissue foil as I know its different. Homemade tissue foil is really easy to make without anything special ( Foil, tissue and PVA glue mixed with water)

Aincent Dragon- Biotope OR Tissue foil OR deluxe washi 60x60 or 70x70
I honestly cant choose. Tissue foil is a bit thick but looks awesome, washi shapes beautifully and biotope is great all round. Personal choice for this one is biotope.

Mammoth- 30X30 Copper tissue foil.
Great paper for this model. Not a hard model, just super complex.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope I helped! If anyone is interested I will be teaching all these models using the paper I reccomended hopefully. I will start soon :) (I'll skip first few steps for copyright)
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Re: Recommended Papers for each model in Works of Satoshi Ka

Postby origami_8 » January 3rd, 2019, 8:56 am

Interesting list.
I would definitely go with something thinner for the Ancient dragon, maybe Shadowfold.
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Re: Recommended Papers for each model in Works of Satoshi Ka

Postby Archie » January 3rd, 2019, 12:47 pm

Yeah. I only included papers I’ve used. I tried to include a variety
Thanks for reading ;)
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Re: Recommended Papers for each model in Works of Satoshi Ka

Postby Tankoda » January 6th, 2019, 3:49 am

Yes, shadowfold works pretty well for the ancient dragon, I have used it
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