What to get to a friend that is origami fanatic for birthday

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What to get to a friend that is origami fanatic for birthday

Postby sunshine23 » February 19th, 2019, 1:52 pm

Hi to all. I am new here and I need favor. Probably you would know to give me advice what product to get to my friend? I not have clue what would he like to get for his birthday? Thank everyone in advance

Re: What to get to a friend that is origami fanatic for birt

Postby Baltorigamist » February 19th, 2019, 9:43 pm

It depends on several things, including budget, your friend’s location and skill level, and when his birthday is. For a complex folder, I’d recommend books from origami-shop.com; but they can be expensive and take days or weeks to arrive. If he’s at an intermediate level, John Montroll’s books should be available on Amazon (and he has several).
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Re: What to get to a friend that is origami fanatic for birt

Postby Gerardo » February 24th, 2019, 2:54 pm

I'd vote for very good paper (or other folding material) :)... hopefully paper your friend has never tried before, but is perfect for the kind of origami he or she practices. The thing is not all paper is appropriate for all models. For example you need paper with very specific characteristics in order to fold complex origami, but maybe your friend is like me and isn't too fond of complex origami. In that case, your friend would like paper with a different set of characteristics. I'm personally crazy for useful origami, it actually depends on the particular model of practical origami, but I usually appreciate a big, dense-ish paper, with excellent memory. Stardream, Majestic, and Curious Metallic papers are wonderful for what I fold. I've learned that Elephant Hide paper has those characteristics I like and I've never ever had it on my hands. I would so love the friend that would give me a couple of B1 or B0 sheets of it on my birthday :D!

But like I said, choosing the correct type of paper depends on the type of origami your friend folds.

Hope this helps ;).
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Re: What to get to a friend that is origami fanatic for birt

Postby Froy » February 26th, 2019, 9:12 pm

Get him a book.

Out of price and complexity level the best thing you can do is share knowledge.

Paper is personally a matter for each individual to choose. In my case I prefer not to use fancy papers since it tells the people what you can do with simple and affordable materials.
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Re: What to get to a friend that is origami fanatic for birt

Postby CharlesWallace » March 20th, 2019, 3:10 pm

Let's try a different tack (unless this posting post-dates his birthday...but even then!).

I have been folding and doing free demonstrations/hands-on sessions for origami for quite some time. Why it took me so long to shop for some kind of protective travel case or bin that would hold (securely and in an organized fashion) books, bone folders, instructions, rulers, paper (in different sizes), trash bags, sample models, small brushes (for wet folding), adhesive bandages, wet-wipes, hand-outs, folding surfaces to use when none are handy, alligator clips, X-acto knives, Post-It pads, s notes pad, small plastic bags in which complete models can be placed some people can take them home, and some munchies* is beyond me. But now, everything I want to take to the venues and parties and cultural events is portable.

Men and women cannot live be folding alone; there must also be chocolate.

Yes, a sturdy cardboard box would be just as serviceable, or a large plastic file-holder bin you'd find for a modest cost at your local office supply chain. I opted for something bigger that would also accommodate a small padlock, as some of the books I take would be expensive to replace. Of course, get a container that suits his needs. (With some thought on his future needs as well.)

Origami is a wonderfully portable and transferable (I'm not trying to be redundant here) craft form. Perhaps this idea might make it even more so for the "fanatic" of which you speak!

Happy folding (and creasing, squashing, too) to all!
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