Owner of Article-Writer.net, why join The Origami Forum!

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Owner of Article-Writer.net, why join The Origami Forum!

Postby didier12 » March 5th, 2019, 8:33 am

I like to introduce my self, my name is Didier Dutilleux, I'm a Belgian citizen and owner of website https://article-writer.net/.

I'm a Online Publisher and my operations are in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam that nearly 20 Years.

I have started this site +- 10 year ago and some 5 years ago I have ordered to create a category "origami" on the mentioning website that under URL https://article-writer.net/origami/, a since that time few related post has being created till now, and all have some promising signature viewed on " http://ahrefs.com/ "!

Because of above, I have decide to give more time to built out the category "Origami".

For that reason I have explore the keyword "origami" on the internet and find-out that your website " https://snkhan.co.uk/forum/" is one of the most prominent Forums in this industry!

A few days ago I have register on your website and start to learn the rules fist.

What I can tell all ready now is that your website contain enough direct resources and further indication that I need for create my future posts that I like to develop weekly about our subject "Origami".

So I will further exploit your Forum by talking to longtime members and members groups so that I can profound my knowledge about our subject " Origami " and write good unique and comprehensive related posts for my website!

Make up exclusive for "snkhan.co.uk" Forum on today 5 March 2019

Didier Dutilleux
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Re: Owner of Article-Writer.net, why join The Origami Forum!

Postby Gerardo » March 6th, 2019, 3:35 pm

Welcome to the forum Didier.
Please support Neorigami: http://neorigami.com. Share one of your own creations.
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