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Can someone teach me how to cut and paste a photo of an origami piece? For example, I wanted to paste a photo of the origami titled 'Bear Hug and Pine Tree' by Rob Snyder, but I don't know how to do it.

Thanks, Todd - I wish to also learn how to make posts that reach everyone in the group, so I can get more feedback.
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Re: Question on how to insert pictures

Post by origami_8 »

To insert pictures you have to upload them to some picture hosting service like Flickr first.
Most of them offer links with different sizes, you need the one that fits into a 640x640 pixels square. For Flickr that would be the BBCode medium z, that you just copy and paste to your post.
We also have an own topic on how to insert pictures in the "Using the Forum" section where this topic belongs too:
By the way, Question is a very bad topic title, please try to find more descriptive titles for your topics, so others know what to expect and can find them easily in the future.
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