Folding from old book pages?

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Folding from old book pages?

Postby sophyspex » March 13th, 2017, 3:54 pm


I am new to origami and started because I want to fold a paper bouquet for my wedding. I really like it though and may be hooked! I've been making paper roses every day for the last few weeks and they are getting better every time.

The ideal for my project though is to make them out of old pages from books. I've purchased a few old books in the correct size and had a go, but the trouble is that the paper is quite brittle and tears easily when shaping it. Particularly in the final steps, rolling the petals out with tweezers. Compared to the versions I've made out of proper origami paper they look a little bit sad :(

Has anyone else tried using book pages? Any tips to make it easier, such as maybe coating them with something beforehand? Or using a newer book. I like the slightly creamy/yellowed colour of the ones I have though.

Any thoughts much appreciated :)
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Re: Folding from old book pages?

Postby mkosmul » March 17th, 2017, 7:39 pm

You wrote that you used "old books" and the paper was a "slightly creamy/yellowed colour". Such color is most often the result of aging in paper with high acid content (most inexpensive papers fall into this category), and unfortunately becoming brittle is another effect which comes together with the color. It will probably be very difficult to make this paper foldable, and easier to use new paper and to fake the effect by e.g. staining it with tea. You can also find some tips on faking the old paper look here: ... look-older and here: ... -or-dyeing
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Re: Folding from old book pages?

Postby Andre-4 » June 30th, 2017, 5:08 pm

i would add that sourcing thinner papers tend To be available From charity shops have flip through,..novels ARE normally thicker than non fiction...or If YOU want To make and sell Wedding favours YOU can photocopy and upload designs To websites like customised tissue paper,wrapping paper...then edit and resize from there.....If your making flowers and the pages tear visit a BOOK binder aite they sell preservation paste But Its expensive
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