Paper Bend - Straw / Tube

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Paper Bend - Straw / Tube

Postby felipehorion » April 24th, 2019, 12:56 pm

I'm new here.
I'd like some help. Is it possible to create an embossed straw? Like these plastic ones for example? Only using paper? ... 017-F.webp
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Re: Paper Bend - Straw / Tube

Postby Gerardo » May 1st, 2019, 11:53 am

Regarding my knowledge of the material, I'd say paper would indeed allow it. I'd say you would be needing a machine to make one properly.
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Re: Paper Bend - Straw / Tube

Postby origami_8 » May 2nd, 2019, 11:35 am

It kinda reminds me on the Spring into Action or Tomoko Fuse's Pako Pako.
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Re: Paper Bend - Straw / Tube

Postby Hussar_303 » June 24th, 2019, 2:19 pm

I didn't even know that one could do this with paper... I'm learning as much about origami and about physics on this forum, I swear!
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