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Stephen Weiss - Horse info

Posted: November 2nd, 2007, 5:07 am
by Wen Fu Kai
Hi does anyone has any information whether or not this model has been diagrammed?


Posted: November 2nd, 2007, 5:09 am
by qtrollip
Yes, I would like to know too. This must be the best origami horse that I've seen so far!

Posted: November 2nd, 2007, 9:43 pm
by Edwin Corrie
It looks slightly modified, but I think it's essentially the same as a Horse he sent me about 15 years ago, which used the same base as a Lion that was published in one of the old BOS convention books. I did rough diagrams (very rough) for my personal curiosity, but knowing Stephen he would probably prefer to wait until he was ready to release his own.

Stephen was/is very prolific and must have a lot of excellent unpublished material. I hope we get to see it some day.

Posted: November 3rd, 2007, 7:02 am
by Wen Fu Kai
I did some poking around and found out Stephen has in fact diagrammed a horse.

Horse Weiss, Stephen BOS Convention 1998 Spring (BOS) 32

Horse Weiss, Stephen OUSA Convention Book 1994 (Kirschenbaum, Marc) 109

Hopes it's the same horse.

Re: Stephen Weiss - Horse info

Posted: October 2nd, 2012, 4:02 pm
by e-mo
Hi all..

Ive also been trying to find more information about that horse...and saw, that Gabriel Vong did fold that hourse.

so I think there should be a diagramm available or?!


Re: Stephen Weiss - Horse info

Posted: February 16th, 2014, 4:30 pm
by Stephen Weiss
Thanks for the interest in my Horse. It has not been formally diagrammed, but I did teach it at the OrigamiUSA Convention in 2005. Right after the convention Brian Chan wanted to diagram the model, so I went through it with him while he made detailed hand drawn sketches of the steps. He thought he might draw them up formally if he had time, but I don't believe he did. I should do it.

Here are a couple of photos of the same exact physical model that was displayed in the Peabody-Essex Museum, with perhaps slight sculptural refreshing, and with better camera angles, although I really need to get a good camera--these were done with a four-year-old Samsung Flip-Shot three megapixel feature phone, and suffer from color consistency and other exposure and focus issues. But the shots came out okay after some adjustments on the computer. ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

Re: Stephen Weiss - Horse info

Posted: November 11th, 2018, 4:33 am
by pharmjod
I hate to resurrect an ancient thread, but I was curious if Mr. Weiss ever frequents the forum anymore and has any additional information on his wonderful horse? I still think this is one of the better origami horses out there and would love to see even a video diagram of it.