Sipho Mabona - Human

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Sipho Mabona - Human

Post by jeko »

This is a somewhat special request:
One of the perks for Sipho's White Elephant Indiegogo campaign was a video tutorial for his human.
As most people contributing will remember, fulfilling the perks didn't go as smoothly as hoped.
Anyhow, I payed for the "human" videos but never received them. I contacted Sipho and he replied quickly with a promise to send them to me. That is now more than 1.5 years ago, I tried repeatedly to contact him again but he never replied. So I am kind of fed up...
I was wondering if anybody who participated in the campaign would be willing to help me out. If yes, please contact me via PM (and I'll send you more details about what happened, proof of purchase, etc.)
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Re: Sipho Mabona - Human

Post by sheldon.hull »

This looks like a stunning model. I looked all over and couldn't find any tutorial. Any luck folding it?

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