Units for tiling flat squares (think pixel units)

Looking for a specific model? Here's the place to start.
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Units for tiling flat squares (think pixel units)

Post by kareshi »

Has anyone seen modular origami made from flat squares that connect at the edges or on the back? I’ve seen a blintz unit, a double-blintz unit, and the “Pixel Unit” by Max Hulme. Also a Sonobe variation.
(I’ve designed one too and I want to make sure it’s original.)
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Re: Units for tiling flat squares (think pixel units)

Post by krabcat »

a few months ago i worked with this unit for a while https://michal.kosmulski.org/origami/bbu/index.html and i think it might work for you. the units are very simple so you can churn them out quickly without really even needing to be very precise because pretty much all of the inaccuracies get hidden on the inside. essentially it consists of building cubes(6 very basic pieces) and then plaiting it with a further 6 pieces. the cubes connect to each other easily and strongly. you don't even really need to build the cubes to attach the faces. there are even a bunch of variations listed for more complex "pixels"
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