Solar system-themed Origami Racecar

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Solar system-themed Origami Racecar

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I know my topic is weird and it might not be fully matching the topic of this forum session, but I have been in search of an origami product without success. Please help!!

I'll list all the details I can recall from my memory:
  1. This is a product from Japan/Korea. I bought it from a local stationary store (~10 years ago). Similar products of this type looks like this (
  2. The pack contains colored SQUARE sheets of the same dimension(about 15*15cm) which some are of plain color while others have patterns (or crease guide lines) printed on. (you can get the idea from the link above)
  3. Judging from the patterned sheets, the models resemble a mix of racecars and spaceships. I remember one looks like an F1 racer
  4. Interestingly, the models are named after the planets of the solar system (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, etc.)
  5. The instruction sheet is a long piece of paper,which the back of it printed a race track
  6. Apart from the racecar models,there is also a guide for "origami spring" that can help push your model forward when you are racing it on the track just mentioned
I had asked about this product at another origami community. Although one said he knew that product, he just played around and didn't give me any information. I hope all of you reading this can provide me with any clues that can lead me to this product. I don't mind answering follow up questions.
Thank you very much for your time!!
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Re: Solar system-themed Origami Racecar

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Ten years ago..I wish you luck..most of those have small print runs and once they've sold out they've gone..
Pinterest is your best bet for those who photograph stuff for their wishlist
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