Flower design originality check

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Flower design originality check

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I have recently created a small, simple flower and was wondering if it was original. if you have any information on the true creator, please contact me. if otherwise it is my own creation, proof of that would be greatly appreciated. to fold it, i started out with a pinwheel. I folded out the outer flaps of the "leaves" to make thinner "leaves" and leave more space in the middle. i then folded the "leaves" down with a ridge fold, leaving a square with corners. I puched down the center point and adjusted until it looked like a flower. again, any information is appreciated. if needed, i will try to work on a instruction sheet.

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Re: Flower design originality check

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Based on your description, I don't know of anything similar, but I'm not exactly well-versed in simple models.
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Re: Flower design originality check

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Without pictures, it's really hard for me to say one thing or the other. I also advice you to ask on the Facebook group Spot the Creator, which was created exactly for that purpose. And one last thing, I don't think there's such a thing as proof of your model being original. Best thing you can do is show your model in as many groups as possible, ask in all of them, and if no one says it isn't then assume it is original ;).
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