Sonobe variation for flat work

Looking for a specific model? Here's the place to start.
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Sonobe variation for flat work

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I read you often but I dare to write to you for the first time because I can not find anything in my research.

I am looking for examples of use of modular origami but used flat.

I want to make a quilt-style work but in two dimensions.

do you have any folding models?
I would like to use a variation of the sonobe

Have a good day!!

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Re: Sonobe variation for flat work

Post by Gerardo »

I'm glad you decided to post your question Nath117. I've heard that type of modulars are called origami quilts. IYou can find some information about them, including a list of links, here: ... uilts.html

If you search for the key phrase "origami quilt" on a web browser, you'll probably find some more information.

Hope that helps ;).
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