Helios' hellos

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Helios' hellos

Postby Hélios » December 30th, 2016, 4:52 pm

I realize only now that in years of browsing this forum I never really introduced myself (or even been active). So here goes :mrgreen:

Name's Arthur, I'm a French student and have been an active folder for ~10+ years (for those of you who attend the French forum, Pliage de Papier, we might have met there).
A couple years ago I decided to join the Flickr community, check Helyades (link in the signature). It also corresponds to the definition of my preferred folding style : I'm really, very fond of tissue paper, and arguably small-size papers. And I'm interested in all sorts of styles or complexities, as long as there is some shaping potential. And tessellations.
That's why you'll mostly see double tissue and tracing paper. And single tissue for stupidly-complex models, that's fun.

So, pleased to say hello to the English-speaking community, and see you ^.^
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