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MotherOfThree introducing himself

PostPosted: June 18th, 2017, 3:13 pm
by MotherOfThree
Hello everyone!
My name is Adrian, and I have been folding for six years now. Having learned the great art of origami by a classmate in school, I started designing my own models approximately one year later. In 2015 and 2016 I published my first diagrams in the Christmas Origami Book. I would consider myself as an advanced folder, but by far not as advanced as I would like to be. :P
So I joined this forum, which I have been following for almost a year actively, to get in contact with other people sharing my hobby. Also, I would love to increase (ha ha) my folding skills by participating in some challenges, or by talking constructively about origami. I hope I can learn a lot.
And of course, I would really like to help other users with their problems.
So, let's get started!

Re: MotherOfThree introducing himself

PostPosted: June 21st, 2017, 10:19 pm
by NeverCeaseToCrease
Welcome, Adrian!
I too joined recently and I've been learning a lot, I'm sure you will too.
I encourage you to participate in the June 2017 competition, you can design pretty much anything you want. I believe that we are trying to get as many entries as we can!

Re: MotherOfThree introducing himself

PostPosted: June 22nd, 2017, 3:34 pm
by MotherOfThree
As you may have noticed, I already took part in the monthly design challenge. It only took a while for my post to be approved. I'm sure that this was not my last participation... :D