Thank you all

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Thank you all

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Hello lovely people,

I’ve been on this forum for quite a while, but I have never posted anything. I’d use this opportunity to introduce myself and thank you all for changing my life and making me a better person.

So, my name is Mike and I come from Australia. I’ve been an origami fan since I was a child, and I have to say that I was quite good at it. However, these last few years were a total mess for me. I lost my father to cancer while my mother got into serious depression. When the pandemic started I lost my job, then my fiance to covid-19. I was trying to man up and endure everything, but I simply couldn’t.

Just like my mother, I got into serious depression. I didn’t leave my room, I didn’t shower, I ate only so as not to die of starvation. My only comfort and escape from reality was online gambling. I started with no deposit casinos then I moved on to something more challenging. Normally, I was wasting enormous amounts of money.

At one point, I just woke up. I saw my collection of cranes I had been making for ages (I needed 50 of them to reach 1000). I took paper and started folding. It took me a few hours to make all 50. Afterwards, I didn’t even think about online casinos. In fact, I deleted all my accounts and applications. Then I stumbled upon this forum by chance and decided to join it immediately. I loved reading your posts and looking at your masterpieces. They encouraged me to change my life drastically. And thank you for that.

This is my story. I just want to let you know that whatever problems you have, everything can be solved. I may not be able to offer professional help, but you can always hit me up if you need someone to talk to. Cheers!
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