APLEC 2023 – Online Conference of Folding Didactics

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APLEC 2023 – Online Conference of Folding Didactics

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I was invited to offer a workshop for this wonderful online event.
The APLEC 2023 online classes will be about designs suitable for teaching and so are highly recommended to teachers, therapists, and others who use folding within their occupations. All funds will be used to help towards the cost of bringing Ukrainian teachers to our recent physical conference in Badalona.
I named my workshop "Making Origami Teaching Participative", and there are other quite unique workshops and classes by some amazing teachers: Armstrong, LaFosse, Robinson, Sallas, and Sprung. There will be access to the videos for those who register.

December 2, 2023

Click here to read more about APLEC 2023 – Online Conference of Folding


If you have any questions, please contact Folding Didactics: https://foldingdidactics.com/contact

Folding Didactics would appreciate it very much if you help promote the event, sharing the poster and the link ♥️.
My awesome website: https://www.neorigami.com
and Instagram account: https://instagram.com/NeorigamiCom
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