good origami for beginners - suggestions please

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good origami for beginners - suggestions please

Postby burningbarricade » December 21st, 2008, 4:05 pm

Hi there everybody.

First off - sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum to post this. I did notice the beginners section but it seems more to do with how to use this site rather than an area for beginners. Mods please move if appropriate.

Anyway... I'm new here and new to origami in general (I still have to look at the logo at the top of this page to spell origami!) and I was wondering if the more seasoned out there could give me a few suggestions as to what are good, easy but impressive shapes to learn for a beginner who wants to impress his mates?

I found a site a few weeks ago by accident which had a couple of easy designs but so far I've only managed to make a shirt out of a tenner.

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Postby origami_8 » December 21st, 2008, 6:27 pm

Look out for Sara Adams YouTube Channel. There you can find a video to make Manpei Arai's Spinning top as well as some other nice projects.
Following the videos may help you to become familiar with some usual Origami movements.
On the following site you will find simple Origami models with diagrams and animations on how to fold them. Try the diagrams first and if it doesn't work out watch the animations, that will give you practice.
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Postby ftangdude55 » December 21st, 2008, 7:06 pm

This site is a very good resource for learners of Origami. I used it for years to keep myself folding, gradually progressing up the ladder of complexity. It should have some pretty good designs for you. :wink:
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Postby HankSimon » December 21st, 2008, 7:18 pm

Try these two sites for starters: - Origami Organization in the UK - David Petty's Site.
Select the "Diagrams" button on the Left hand menu.
Then Select Model(s) of the Month for a good collection to explore.

If those are too simple, let us know....

- Hank Simon
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Postby burningbarricade » December 22nd, 2008, 1:01 pm

Hi guys, thanks for the responses. I'll have a longer look at all of them when I have a bit more time at lunch.

Meanwhile I checked out the sara adams vid - thanks for that origami-b - and I was thinking, this looks dooable, until I realised that it was only part 1 of 5... :) Part 1 itself is way more complicated than the shirt I have made so far. Far more folding involved than I had realised but I'm here to learn.

Anyway going to have a blatter at something later today, so thanks again for the suggestions.
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