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Indian Food Made Easy
Anjum Anand One of the reasons for the great success of the television series Indian Food Made Easy is Anjum Anand’s clear and straightforward presentation, rendering these recipes manageable (or least convincing us that they are within our own particular range). There is also a commendable avoidance of gimmicks — particularly welcome in an era when TV chefs feel obliged to adopt unusual or eccentric personae to grab attention. And it's particularly pleasing to note that all of these qualities are in evidence in this book of the series: straightforward, concise recipes (illustrated only with tempting pictures of the food itself, rather than the presenter striking various telegenic poses — she is to be seen on the cover only, admittedly looking Nigella Lawson-like). And given that Indian food is noted more for its delicious taste than its healthy properties, Anjum Anand takes on the negative reputation that the cuisine has in this regard, and comes up with alternatives to the standard high-fat ingredients (that's not to say that she doesn't unashamedly tackle such things where necessary — taste is definitely the overriding consideration in this book). And with such recipes as Mangalorean chicken (with its mouth-watering combination of coconut, coriander and large fat red chillies) and wild mushroom and pilaff — all presented in the most accessible and uncomplicated fashion — this book is likely to accelerate the already considerable acceptance of Indian cookery for non-Indian aspirants. —Barry Forshaw
Anjum's New Indian
Anjum Anand
Miss Masala
Mallika Basu
Cakes and Slices
Murdoch Books
Bitesize Fish
Murdoch Books
Bitesize Chicken
Murdoch Books
Bitesize Meat
Murdoch Books
Simple Indian: The Fresh Tastes of India's New Cuisine
Atul Kochhar
Nigella Express
Nigella Lawson The accompaniment to her new 13 part prime-time series for the Autumn which will be perfect for those of us who need instant culinary gratification! Fast foods, ingenious short cuts, terrific time-saving ideas and easy, delicious meals for all the family.
The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook
Tarek Malouf
The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days: Recipes to make every day special
Tarek Malouf The bestselling, hugely popular Hummingbird Bakery is back with a wonderful new collection of easy and delicious cupcakes, layer cakes, pies and cookies to suit all occasions in this beautiful book.
The Naked Chef
Jamie Oliver There are a few television chefs like Delia Smith and Nigel Slater who know exactly what viewers want. They cook food which is simple to prepare, but looks and tastes delicious. That's probably the reason why the BBC has bagged Jamie Oliver as the presenter of its series "The Naked Chef". A working chef at London's celebrated River Café, Oliver cooks simpler versions of what you would find on the restaurant's menu. It's basically modern Italian food using ingredients which can be found by almost anyone who is reasonably interested in food shopping. Like the television show, the book is titled The Naked Chef. In Oliver's words, this sums up the idea: "It's basically stripping back to the bare essentials." He applies this to all his recipes—from salads to roasts, desserts to pastas. He doesn't use culinary jargon nor time-consuming processes. In the book you'll find suggestions for ingredients to keep in your larder and herbs to grow on your windowsill. Recipes include Warm Salad of Radicchio, Gem and Pancetta and Beetroot Tagliatelle with Pesto, Mussels and White Wine. There are also tips on how to cook live lobsters, how to make gravy, preparing pulses for cooking, and how to make the perfect roast chicken. Several photographs accompany some of the recipes, with step-by-step instructions. Oliver's recipes for bread are particularly good—a tribute to his training at Carluccio's, the Covent Garden deli. This is the perfect book for anyone who doesn't want to spend much more than half an hour preparing meals and is not willing to compromise on innovation and taste. —Dale Kneen
The Return of the Naked Chef
Jamie Oliver He's back. Can anyone remember why they called Jamie Oliver the Naked Chef first time round? No matter. The Return of the Naked Chef is a quite brilliant collection of smart-casual food, simple, sexy, sophisticated, sharp as a tack and bang up to the moment. Oliver (or his editors, stylists, whoever) certainly has his finger on the pulse: there isn't a duff recipe in the book. This is food designed to be cooked in the home, but informed by the professional skills and commercial instincts of a working chef.

So what do we get? First off, ingredient perfect pitch. Seared scallops, grilled squid, baked beetroot and squash, roast Jerusalem artichokes, braised lamb shanks, crispy sea bass, carpaccio of beef, pancetta, lots of herbs, goats' cheese, Asian influences—all exactly what everybody seems to want to cook at the moment. There isn't perhaps anything blindingly original in his recipes, but the combinations are nudged this way and that to maximum effect: "Potato and Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Thyme, Mascarpone and Hazelnuts", "Risotto of Radicchio, Smoky Bacon, Rosemary and Red Wine", "Braised Pigeon Breasts with Peas, Lettuce and Spring Onions", "Orange and Polenta Biscuits" give something of the flavour of the style. It's modern, fresh and not in any way intimidating. On the minor matter of personal appeal, where Oliver really scores is the intriguing contrast (the "tension", as literary critics would say) between the skilled and imaginative professional on the one hand, and the laddish Essex boy on the other, who always manages to look as if he's just crawled from under a companionable duvet. This book will scarcely need recommending, but it is a highly appealing and skilful package. —Robin Davidson
Cook with Jamie: My Guide to Making You a Better Cook
Jamie Oliver
Jamie's Ministry of Food: Anyone Can Learn to Cook in 24 Hours
Jamie Oliver
Jamie's 30-Minute Meals
Jamie Oliver
Home Cooking Made Easy
Lorraine Pascale
Gordon Ramsay's Sunday Lunch: And Other Recipes from the "F Word": And Other Recipes from "The F Word"
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food: Recipes from "The F Word"
Gordon Ramsay
Olive: 101 Comfort Food Classics
Janine Ratcliffe