A Hypothetical Question Concerning PHiZZ Units

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A Hypothetical Question Concerning PHiZZ Units

Post by Yashretulf »

Whilst online I saw this Buckyball composed of PHiZZ units, which I think you'd agree is impressively large.

http://www.flickriver.com/photos/michal ... 355058193/

It was constructed out of 3,630 PHiZZ units, meaning it has over thirty times the amount of paper of a normal 120-Unit buckyball constructed with paper squares of the same side length !

I wondered however, if stable buckyballs could still be made at this level, then what do you feel is the highest-level buckyball that can be made using PHiZZ units, such that it does not buckle in or become too delicate to fold ?
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Re: A Hypothetical Question Concerning PHiZZ Units

Post by phillipcurl »

I would imagine you could scale a buckyball nearly infinitely if you weren't too concerned about purism (ie using glue, wires, etc). But without that, it would basically depend on the rigidity of your paper and the size of the PHiZZ units. Interesting question though, maybe someone who is more talented in the math area would be able to give you a more correct answer!
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