Cardboard tube

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Cardboard tube

Post by Darkness_Dragon_2.0 »

Hi everyone. So I just started making my first mc double tissue paper, I do notice multiple wrinkles but it doesnt bother me that much. I have seen people feom youtube using cardboard tubes to roll the paper. Where do I get those long tubes? Someone suggested to me that I use tubes from aluminum foil, but its to small in our country, 12 inches. I at least need 20 something because my paper is 50cm

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Re: Cardboard tube

Post by Gerardo »

I assume they got the tubes from rolls of paper. Sometimes they come rolled around that kind of tubes, it's the same thing with fabric. So you could look for businesses of paper or fabric and ask if they have one of those tubes; you could also look for cardboard industries.

Hope it helps :).
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Re: Cardboard tube

Post by DavidW »

What you want is called a poster tube or a mailing tube.
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Re: Cardboard tube

Post by AxolotlBottle »

If you have some rolls of wrapping paper, then the tube in those is also usable albeit a little thin and flimsy at times.
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Re: Cardboard tube

Post by roodborst »

I suggest buying a pvc pipe used for electro or water. Saw a couple of them so you can wrap the tissue on them. Do clean them afterwards.

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